It is easy to see the extent to which globalism is being included in all facets of government education. However, it didn’t get to this place overnight, but over decades. Long before globalism could be promoted, it was necessary to get the minds of youth off of  constitutionalism and on to big government, including  entitlements. Only then would it be possible to nationalize  education and introduce programs such as Common Core, which incorporate a plethora of curriculum and teaching methods to  meet international goals. They mention these goals in their own promotional films.  ​    

This explains why government schools influence students to  embrace big government and nationalized education, rather  than limited government. A high school professor of economics  conducted a study of his students, focusing on their opinion on  entitlements. Nearly all of them stated that government should provide housing, jobs, and education. They also believed  government should take money from the wealthy and  redistribute it to those who have less. 

The result of government schools has been to get children away from their parents so their minds could be otherwise influenced. Parental and local control of the schools has been gradually eliminated. This is why the schools can't be reformed; it's not about "academics", but about who is going to control children. The government grab for complete control is what Common Core is achieving; putting everything in the hands of private investors with the full cooperation of the U.S. government knowing it is a scheme to place America under global governance. ​

As Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project states in the following video, because of Common Core, "Parents will no longer be able to control or even influence what their children are taught". She concludes by pointing out, "Government will no longer be their servant, but will become their master, and the individual will exist to serve the purposes of society."

This book is meant to enlighten Americans to see the good  things that can come from God and government. To not believe  in a Creator is one’s right, but it rejects the  very basis on which the Founders declared our unalienable rights. Government schools have been complicit in the rejection of these rights by  teaching students science has proven a Creator did not bring  about the universe or life. This has resulted in secular thinking;  Americans believe in government as a higher  power than God.

Government schools are being used to change the course of  America. For example, look at the increasing acceptance of  homosexuality. Not long ago, most Americans would never consider homosexuality a normal lifestyle,  let alone same-sex marriage being legalized by the Supreme Court. It may have remained that way were it not for the government influencing the most vulnerable and innocent: America’s youth. Children were  used to socialize and politicize this issue. 

In 1996, an openly lesbian couple produced a film entitled It’s  Elementary. This film was provided to elementary teachers  across the country, and broadcast on PBS. It demonstrated  methods by which teachers could encourage their students to  accept the homosexual lifestyle. In one scene, the teacher asks  the students to be judges and decide if gay couples should be  allowed  to get married. One 8 year-old judge concluded in her group discussion, “If two people love each other, why shouldn’t  they be allowed to get married”? She and the rest of her  generation have been of voting age for the last two elections.



While this issue is “a ship which has already sailed”, it clearly  demonstrates why Americans must stop allowing government  to educate their youth. More ships are set to sail, and one of  them is the propaganda of globalism. Currently, globalization is set to be America’s future. If you don’t believe it, just ask the  youth; they are the future! If the government has their way with the youth, they will end America’s sovereignty and with it, her  independence, liberty and freedom. 

Same-Sex Marriage
Big Government, Entitlements, and Common Core

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