When people learn about Agenda 21, they will have no doubt it is the blueprint for ending America’s Constitution and sovereignty. The U.N., operating under the guise of  eliminating fossil fuels, will be able to control all natural resources. It is a scheme of such magnitude it would almost be laughable  were it not for the billions of dollars America has already spent, and the severe loss of manufacturing, jobs and revenue.

This climate change hoax is used to frighten students in classrooms  to encourage them to be proactive. This promotes the global agenda and is an integral element contained in the Agenda  21, “Plan of Action”. John Stossel  discovered this by interviewing elementary students in a classroom. The children say such things as, "I worry. My mom worries", “The water might rise and flood the whole town”, “We won’t be able to survive for long”, and “We’ll all die”.  Stossel asks them, “Some people think this (climate change) isn’t true, might they be right?”, to which the entire class replies “No!”. 

These are not issues America’s young children should be subjected to, but the globalists have no scruples, and no line they won’t cross to accomplish their goals. From the U.N.’s distorted view,  children must be told there are too many people on Earth and  the planet doesn’t have enough resources to go around. The  U.N. has even put out a book for children entitled Rescue  Mission Planet Earth: A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21. One  page has a picture of a large number of storks carrying around  babies with an image of God looking completely perplexed. The text states, "The planet groans every time it registers another birth."

It's enough they are frightening children, but to top it all off they try to guilt trip parents by implying they are killing their own kids!

UNESCO: Bringing Agenda 21 to the Children

We have learned the true purpose behind Agenda 21, despite U.N. claims that it is about saving the planet from the damage man-made CO2 is causing from our use of fossil fuels. The U.N.'s ultimate plan is to regulate the use of private property and all natural resources. This will give them and the elite behind them the power to control humanity. Agenda 21 was recently given a facelift; it was repackaged and re-titled the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Don't be fooled, it is still purely Agenda 21. Below are all 17 of the goals included.

One of the key organizations disseminating Agenda 21 to the youth, through both formal and informal education, is UNESCO - the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Its main purpose is to cause children to be proactive to "save the planet". It was established 2 years after the U.N.'s creation in 1945 as the means to reach children around the world. This video clip captures their intent and message clearly.

We've seen how the U.N. attempts to influence young children and their parents. It's important to understand how much they encourage youth to take action. This clip is from an organization called Alliance for Climate Education. ACE has partnered with the U.N. on many global warming conferences and events designed for teenagers and young adults. One of their main spokespersons is a 17 year old girl. Their motto is "Climate change is our generation's biggest challenge".

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